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That is an outright lie. Laws concerning sex with a minor are unchanged and it does not become legal if the minor initiated in any US state. This is not a free license for minors to prostitute themselves ; any minors caught doing so will still be taken in and given state services, including assistance escaping abusive or coercive pressures that may have forced them into prostitution. Prostituting a child is still illegal, paying for a prostituted child is still illegal, the only thing that has changed is that children will no longer be held as criminals for being abused by adults.
but the “minor” probably does not know the intricacies of the “law” …… it is defacto legalization of pedophilia …………..
Now you’re just passing off conjecture as fact. Not holding a n underage prostitute criminally liable is no more “legalizing pedophilia” than not pressing charges on someone who aided a robbery with a gun to their head is “legalizing theft,” de facto or otherwise. A minor need not know the “intricacies” of the law, only that they can go to the police without getting themselves into trouble.
You’re arguing from a remarkably weak position, almost by choice, it seems. I’ve given you ample opportunity to demonstrate that weakness and you’ve done so quite handily. I think we’re done here.
half way to legalization ……. and it is completely correct ……. adults can now make the excuse to children to go ahead and do it ……….
Minors may not legally give consent to sexual activity with adults. Therefore each case of an adult having sex with a minor is statutory rape. If you don’t see the irony in criminalizing rape victims who wish to go to the police but are afraid of arrest, I really can’t help you.
apparently the state of California disagrees ………….
Sex with minors is illegal in California. It was before this law, it is after this law and it’s going to stay that way.
if they are not going to prosecutue them …. it is defacto legal for the minor participant …..
You seem to think we should convict minors for being the victims of statutory rape. A minor cannot legally consent to sex with an adult. Any and all sexual acts between a minor and an adult are illegal statutory rape. It make no difference if money changes hands or not. The adult is the perpetrator and the minor is the victim. If you are robbed, you have been a involved in a criminal act, but you are the victim, not the perpetrator.
you seem to think that we do not prosecute prostitution regardless of age …… we do ……. the child is not charged with SR ……. they are charged with prostitution if it is prostitution …… except in Calif. it is now legal ……
Again no. The act of prostitution is still illegal. The pimp will be punished. The John will be punished. Just not the child victim. Are you dense or something? Numerous people have attempted to explain this to you with no luck. Clearly you are eager to prosecute child rape victims. Well, we no longer do it in my state of California, because we’re clearly more compassionate and enlightened than you.
“Again no. The act of prostitution is still illegal. ”
Again …. learn to read ….. it will not be prosecuted if it is a minor in Calif. …….. so defacto legal for minors ……….. and pedophilia ………..
Have you suffered a brain injury? I hope you get well soon.
What purpose do you think is served by prosecuting minors who have sex with adults?
ummmmm ….. oh, gee …. to KEEP them from having sex with adults for money …… DUH …
So tell me, do you ordinarily recommend blaming, arresting, and punishing the victims of crimes, or just this one?
Californian Senator Richard Pan pushing to outlaw parental rights in all medical decisions.
guess Calif. is not done with their radical restructuring of the “family” ……….. a person in prostitution is not a victim …. they are participants ……
Please explain. Use your words.
adults can now say “you wont get in trouble, it is legal if YOU do it” …… and so the pattern is set and it IS legalized pedophilia ….. and they will be preyed upon even more so …………. and their victimization will continue unabated ……….. and the biggest promoter of pedophilia gets what it wants ………
Does this law make it legal for an adult to engage in sexual activity with a minor child (legalized pedophilia)?
it encourages those who want to …….. it is the first step to saying that it is ok for those that do it ……… half way there ……
Where in the U.S. are children punished for being molested by an adult?
Everywhere in the U.S. an adult can tell a child “you won’t get in trouble, it is legal for YOU to do it” because we don’t punish children for being molested in this country.

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