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Certainly some in the sex trade – like minors, for example – are exploited, abused and forced into prostitution, while others aren’t literally trafficked but feel trapped in the industry by economic necessity. These are the people who should receive attention, and resources, from social reformers. And there would be a lot more resources to devote if we left consenting adults to exchange money for sex in peace.
Sweden to offer prostitutes sick pay.
In Sweden, while it’s illegal to buy sex, it is not illegal to sell it.
But the social insurance agency has previously lacked clear rules outlining what social benefits are available to prostitutes who are registered as sole proprietors and pay taxes in Sweden.
Often, prostitutes who register with Swedish tax authorities claim they are working in body treatments and health care, sometimes making it hard for staff with the social insurance agency to know how to process benefits claims from prostitutes.
But now the social insurance agency has promised to clarify the rules.
“This situation has been considered to be a gray area, but I don’t think it should be. If you’re not doing anything illegal, I think it should be relatively clear,” said Joakim Jarnryd of the social insurance agency to Sveriges Radio (SR).
“Prostitutes in this case are engaged in no illegal business and if this person has declared a legitimate income and has proof of a registration with the tax authorities, then we’ll treat this like any other economic operator.”
While it is impossible to know how many people in Sweden use their sole proprietorship companies for prostitution, Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) expert Pia Blank Thornroos explained how the new rules would function legally.
“If someone has an income from the selling of sex then it’s taxable, as it’s legal to sell sex. We’ve solved it so that these people can submit their income declarations together with everyone else in May and report their incomes. If one wants to avoid arrears, the taxes can be paid at the tax office,” she told SR.
Stockholm Escorts and Sex Guide.
Want to know more about sex in Stockholm?
Sweden is known for its blonde bombshells and stunning variety of beautiful women, but capital Stockholm falls behind some of the other major European cities when it comes to adult services available.
In our complete guide to Sex in Stockholm, we take a sweeping look at the Stockholm sex trade, as well as the top escort services, adult massage destinations, strip clubs, sex shops and more.
A Guide to Stockholm Escorts, Call Girls and Hookers.
In Stockholm for business or pleasure and looking for some female company?
Sweden has strict laws on prostitution but that doesn’t stop you from hiring an escort in Stockholm…for ‘company’. The country’s capital city is serviced by a few hundred escorts who advertise their services online or via agencies (based outside of Sweden).
These ladies cover a range of budgets and tastes. Though not all hailing from Scandinavia’s largest city, you can enjoy a taste of Sweden from the comfort of your hotel room or via an in-call service.
In our guide to Stockholm’s escort services we take a look at the best sites you can use to browse the talent servicing Sweden’s capital.
One of the largest directories of escorts in Stockholm, Eskort69 has almost 3000 listings. Arranged by date posted, most of these are duplicates listed over a period of three months. There also a handful of shemale advertisers.
The site is in Swedish but you can use an online translator in your browser to navigate the ads more easily. A free to use site, the range of prices is budget to mid-range and you can find escorts through Eskort69 who will provide a quick service for as little as 700 SEK (€74).
You should be aware that some of the ads are from couples as well as cam site performers.
There isn’t a way that you can filter results easily as the site only offers a simple keyword search function. You can only filter by ad type and location.
Covering all the major cities in Sweden, Sex Tjerer has around 80 listings for female escorts in Stockholm.
The site has a great search and filtering facility which makes it really easy to find an escort based on location, age, languages spoken, price range and appearance/vital stats. You can even narrow your search down via the services they offer.
Verified status helps to assure the authenticity of escorts in Stockholm. Image via website.
Sex Tjerer also offers a verified listing status along with user reviews, both of which make it harder for scam artists to use the site.
Most of the escorts online are charging around 1500 SEK for a half hour in-call service.
Free to use, this site is very useful and seems to have most of the bases covered.
Happy Escorts are Europe’s biggest escort search engine returning results of almost 40,000 escorts across 41 counties.
Operating in 1,116 cities, they have over 350 listings covering the Stockholm area. Ethnicity, age and body type are very mixed so there should be something to suit all tastes here.
The search facility, though not as comprehensive as Sex Tjerer or Real Escort, is good and allows you to select location, age range as well as body type. You can also select from some pre-defined services and, bizarrely, your escort’s Sun Sign and Chinese Sign (if these things matter to you…?).

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