Men with nice assholes

Men with nice assholes
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Are you a man very much into pleasing your female partner with cunnilingus but are staring at a penis instead? You could be pretty much straight or very bisexual, but if you haven’t yet bolted for the exit, congratulations. It’s time to be forthright and honest with her.
You might explain that orally pleasing your partner is important to you, and you’re OK with touching, stroking or sucking her dick ( whether or not it’s your preferred thing to do), but you don’t want to embarrass her or make her angry. Let her know that all you want to do is give her great pleasure. If she’s capable of experiencing that with her penis and is cool with you touching, stroking or sucking it, go ahead.
And ladies, it would be an error to assume that if he’s willing to touch or go down on you that he’s done it before, so don’t assume that he’s bisexual simply because of that. Do remember that even gay men had first-time encounters.
If you’ve never sucked a dick before, you might want to ask her to give you feedback on how you’re doing. And if you’re suddenly feeling nauseated for engaging in what your family and all your friends would label a very homosexual act, for God’s sake find the bathroom in a big hurry and kneel before the porcelain throne.
Did she say she doesn’t want you touching it? Then don’t and do something else, instead.
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Oral sex: Her going down on you.
There’s an old joke that goes, "There’s no such thing as a bad blowjob." That’s not true, but if it’s apparent that she needs some guidance, turn it into a teachable moment. What matters with a blowjob isn’t the level of expertise, it’s the willingness to learn. Be patient, tell her what you want, tell her when it feels good, and offer encouragement. Put on a little show when she does something perfectly: Rotate your hips and groan loudly.
If she’s uncomfortably scraping the shaft or head with her teeth, gently tell her to back off with that. You can also suggest that she fold her lips over her teeth.
When you’re approaching orgasm, it would be a good idea to ask if she wants you to cum in her mouth, or on her face, boobs or whatever. It’s always a good idea to tell her when you’re about to blow your load, so she can be ready for it, obviously.
The pre-op’s penis and female hormones.
If your lady has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for some extended time, do be aware that her penis will likely have shrunk in size. Furthermore, it may have lost its ability to become erect. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s lost its sensitivity. After all, part of that male organ will be converted into a clitoris during SRS.
The hormones will also promote breast growth and sensitivity. A high percentage of TS’s will opt for implants as natural breast growth can take a very long time. Usually, a TS on HRT will find her breasts to be about as sensitive as the typical genetic woman’s.
The transsexual female on HRT will also experience a change in skin texture and will usually also form feminine curves about the hips and ass.
The post-op’s vagina and female hormones.
Female hormones can give the post-op transsexual a delightful advantage over the male. Oftentimes, she can achieve multiple, intense, ongoing orgasms.
If she had the surgery only recently, she may not yet be orgasmic. It takes time, often several months, for the nerves to reconnect following surgery in order to produce an orgasm. In my experience with my ex-girlfriend, she became orgasmic within a few months following surgery. But it took well over a year before she became explosively multi-orgasmic.
The artificial vagina does not have the secretion glands necessary to self-lubricate. Intercourse will invariably require a quality lubricant. If there exists the possibility of intercourse (anal or vaginal) on a date, make sure you have some lubricant handy, and at least one condom.
The vagina is surgically fashioned out of the penis. If you are one of those guys who finds the idea of touching a dick with your mouth completely revolting but you love to eat pussy, there will come a moment when it dawns upon you as to where the skin to make a vagina came from. If you have a problem with that, it would be a good idea to avoid going down on her.
The typical vaginal depth ranges between five and six inches. The vaginal walls will not be as flexible as those of a genetic girl. Post surgery, the transsexual is provided with stents. These resemble dildoes only they are rigid, clear plastic. They are not used for sexual stimulation. The surgeon will instruct her to use them daily for several months, starting with the small one, and gradually moving up to the largest one. The stents are used to maintain depth and prevent vaginal wall collapse.
The depth and diameter will be sufficient to accommodate most men, but some guys fall outside the norm. If you’re one of those dudes who needs to undress in the dark (else the lady will run screaming from the bedroom), she may not be able to accommodate you, no matter how much lubricant you use. If you insist upon fucking, expect to do anal if vaginal doesn’t work.

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