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89 Other than the cultural and economic excuses given, some clients justify their use of prostitutes because of the difficulty they have in sexual relationships with ordinary women.
The Excuse of Convenience and the Search to Recover Manliness.
90 Sexual expertise and quality service, with a smile and a certain softness—these are the descriptions given again and again by the clients (n° 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20, 26, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35). Three clients compare their perceptions of paid-for sex in Asia, to the hard, sordid face of prostitution in Europe (n° 4, 10 and 30). This last client, a retired Australian, says that due to his age, his lack of attractiveness and his limited resources he could not procure such refreshing feminine company at home, whether paid for or not. In addition to her smile, the client appreciates her ability to act as a girlfriend for the day, or as a guide or interpreter or even eventually a model wife (n° 1, 4, 15, 34, 35, 36, 37).
91 Boredom at home, an unhappy marriage or divorce, and difficulties expressing himself in love relationships in his home country are some of the motivations cited (n° 2, 15, 20, 26, 33).
92 N° 2, a divorced Frenchman on a spree in Thailand, calls it “an oasis after the desert as far as feminine company” is concerned, while n° 33, also divorced, does not plan on trying to seduce any more women from home whom he considers in comparison with Asian women to be contrary, inattentive, feminist and unfeminine. Client n° 15, a woman, says she is “cynically” having fun with an Indonesian beach boy gigolo who is a very good lover, having broken up with her Australian boyfriend. N° 20 is taking advantage of the fact that his wife could not adjust to living abroad to enjoy the services of the local girls. N° 26, an Indonesian civil servant, admits that he has a better time and is funnier at the brothel than at home.
18 An argument not brought up in our interviews but which could be used in advertising to attract thi (. )
93 These individuals suffering from loneliness or disappointments in their love relationships are a bonanza for certain tour operators18 as confirmed in this excerpt from the a travel agent:
Now, you understand [he says] that this trip is exclusively for men only. In life there are some issues which concern men and some concerning women. I repeat, this tour is only for men, real men. I have nicknamed this trip the “tour for men in mid-life crisis” because of the number of men in our country who are sick and tired of hearing about women’s liberation. With this tour I am giving you the chance to relax and once again enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer. I have just gotten over a bad marriage. I had a very hard time picking up the pieces and getting back my self respect. Do you know what helped me to get over it? Well, I went to Bangkok. Believe me, Bangkok is the ideal place for someone trying to recover from a destructive divorce. Then I began to think that if this trip was so beneficial to me it could also help others. This is how I got the idea for my “tour for men in mid-life crisis”, for real men. This tour [he continues] boosts your strength, both physical and emotional. I like to emphasize the fact that we are talking about regaining harmony with nature. Recently, one of my clients, a 79 year old man went to Thailand following a by-pass operation. Well, he had sex up to three times a day with very young prostitutes. I know that you guys are tired of hearing these stories about independent and liberated women. So my goal here is to bring you to a place where real women exist, living in harmony with nature, and whose primary goal in life is to satisfy the desires and needs of men, and you men in particular.
94 Berit Latza, quoted by M. Maurer (1992: 101) mentions a “common type of sexual tourist, the oral-regressive type, called ‘baby’ in Southeast Asia, who has the deep conviction that he is unloved and that no one takes care of him”.
95 Research has been carried out on this relational and affective poverty which is increasingly present in developed countries. Thus a study of the behavior of male Australian tourists (Kruhse-MountBurton 1995) brings out the lack of comprehension and weariness the Australians feel towards Australian women whom they consider to be too masculine and aggressive. The same study also shows that prostitution in Asia is seen as soft, simple, natural, even romantic and poetic as compared to prostitution in Australia, which is systematically described as sordid and expensive. Thus the Australian tourist looking for sex in Asia wants his prostitute to be soft, submissive, charming and cheap.
96 The works of Erik Cohen (1982) as well as Dave Walker and Richer Ehrlich (1992) come to the same conclusions based on written correspondence, more or less regular, between western clients and prostitutes in Bangkok. These letters give clear evidence that the clients found comfort, reassurance and pleasure in exchange for their monetary generosity. These men, sought after, pampered, and desired, feel attractive and happy especially since these pleasant exotic episode take place during vacations (for the tourists) or within the context of an easy life (for expatriates). For some of these clients their generosity naturally turns into heart-felt generosity, with the client falling in love with the prostitute and wanting to “save” her from her miserable profession.

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A disproportionate number of Indonesia’s prostitutes come from this one small cluster of villages in West Java. Not every girl here becomes a sex worker, but again and again in these villages we hear the same story: when an Indramayu family has a baby girl, they celebrate. They know that, if it becomes necessary in the future, she’ll be able to support her whole family. Indramayu has become the region that sells its daughters.
SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link Seven-year-old Disty at the ceremony to mark the circumcision she had at birth. Photo: Eka Nickmatulhuda.
Nur’asiah is a slight 21-year-old. On the wall of her grandparents’ house in the Indramayu village of Bongas hangs a picture of her as a little girl dressed up as a princess. But this young woman is herself the mother of a six-year-old son, born when she was 15. She is also a veteran of an 18-month career as a prostitute and “sexy dancer” in the King Cross bar in the north Jakarta suburb of Kelapa Gading.
“A friend from a nearby village offered me the job,” Nur’Asiah says. “She was also a sexy dancer.”
Girls there were paid about $10 for dancing four times a night, and another $1 if her guest bought a drink. But the real money was for sex. At first Nur’Asiah only wanted to dance, but the bar owner pushed the point.
“The boss suggested I take some money for the family,” Nur’Asiah says. “After he offered that, I called home, asking people here what they wanted . I knew then that by saying yes, I’d have to do sexy dancing ‘plus plus’. ”
The loan was 30 million rupiah (about $3000), which her family used to renovate their house and buy a motorbike and rice seeds. Money also went to support Nur’Asiah’s son. She’d accompany clients back to their hotels, earning 1 million rupiah (about $100) for sex.
“The first time I was nervous and afraid because he was a stranger, and I was sad because it was not with someone I liked or loved,” she says. “I feel like I was forced. I didn’t like it, but I needed the money.”
Her grandfather, Dasmin, a beneficiary of the house renovation, is comfortable with what has happened.
“She chose the job; it was her own choice,” he says as Nur’Asiah looks on impassively. “But the most important thing is that she did it for the family.”
For perhaps 30 years Indramayu has been exporting its daughters, from the age of 15 or 16 up, to brothels across Indonesia. Though this course of action is so common that there is very little stigma, officially it’s frowned upon. In 2007, Indonesia banned the traffic in girls under 18. But the industry adapted, and these days many young Indramayu girls are recruited by their friends, says Sukim, a former pimp who now works at Yayasan Kusuma Bongas, a non-government organisation devoted to fighting the recruitment of sex workers.
Middlemen still play a role behind the scenes, but if the first suggestion of a career in prostitution is made to a new girl by her friend, the real traffickers can plausibly deny their involvement. The rest of the model is unchanged: girls are still pressed to take loans, which are then used as a tool by the pimps and madams, who are all called Mami, to keep them loyal.
The first money is small and goes directly to the new recruit to buy clothes, make-up and a trip to the “magic man”, or dukun . Many Indonesians hedge their bets between Islamic observance and village magic, but, for practical purposes, they place greater faith in the latter. The dukun performs a ritual which they believe symbolically implants a diamond in the girl’s body, “to make her prettier and more desirable”, Sukim says.
The pimp or channeller then goes out of his way to extend the loan, “pampering the parents” to create an ongoing debt. The parents outdo each other to build the most enviable house in the village. The houses act as a marketing tool to lure other families into the trade.
“Who were the most successful people? Sex workers,” says Sunenti, another girl who took the bait. For the girls, though, the debt is a burden. Many sex workers live in dormitories guarded by brothel staff. “It’s not easy to go out, even on your day off or to go shopping, because security guards go with you,” says Nur’Asiah. “They follow you to make sure you don’t run away or go to work in another bar.”
Ask people here why they sell their daughters and the answer is faktor ekonomi – economic reasons. Indramayu is sustained by three industries: rice growing, sending people to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Malaysia as migrant labourers, and remittances from sex work.
In the vast rice fields, people toil in the wilting sun for just 30,000 rupiah – around $3 – per day. Even in this slow-speed rural economy, it’s barely enough to survive, much less buy a house. Offshore migrant labour means years away from home, and the horror stories of mistreatment, including rape, are legion.
There are no factories in Indramayu and the education system is so poor that few people are qualified for even the most basic white-collar job. According to Sukim, everyone has access to primary school but there are only a few middle schools (years 7 to 9) and, in Bongas at least, no high school at all. By the age of 11 or 12, many children have dropped out entirely. By 15, the girls, bored and unemployed, have watched older friends return to the village for religious holidays, desirably light-skinned from night work, with money to splash around, wearing beautiful clothes and make-up.

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30. Chinatown – A Chinatown is an ethnic enclave of Chinese or Han people located outside mainland China or Taiwan, most often in an urban setting. Areas known as Chinatown exist throughout the world, including Asia, Australasia, the development of most Chinatowns typically resulted from mass migration to an area with zero or very few Chinese residents. Binondo in Manila, established in 1594, is recognised as the worlds oldest Chinatown, a more modern example, in Montville, Connecticut, was caused by the displacement of Chinese workers in New Yorks Chinatown in Manhattan following the September 11th attacks in 2001. The Oxford Dictionary defines Chinatown as, a district of any non-Chinese town, especially a city or seaport, in which the population is predominantly of Chinese origin. However, some Chinatowns may have little to do with China, some Vietnamese enclaves are in fact a citys second Chinatown, and some Chinatowns are in fact pan-Asian, meaning they could also be counted as a Koreatown or Little India. One example includes Asiatown in Cleveland, Ohio and it was initially referred to as a Chinatown but was subsequently renamed due to the influx of non-Chinese Asian Americans who opened businesses there. Today the district acts as a factor for the Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Nepalese. As isolated from the population as Hispanics. This contrasts with narrower definitions, where the only described Chinatown in a city setting. In some cities in Spain, the term denotes an area, neighborhood or district where prostitution or other related to the sex industry are concentrated. Some examples of this are the Chinatown of Salamanca and the Chinatown of Barcelona, trading centres populated predominantly by Chinese men and their native spouses have long existed throughout Southeast Asia. Emigration to other parts of the world from China accelerated in the 1860s with the signing of the Treaty of Peking, early emigrants came primarily from the coastal provinces of Guangdong and Fujian in southeastern China – where the people generally speak Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew and Hokkien. As conditions in China have improved in recent decades, many Chinatowns have lost their initial mission, as net migration slows, the smaller Chinatowns have slowly decayed, often to the point of becoming purely historical and no longer serving as ethnic enclaves. Binondos Chinatown located in Manila, Philippines is the oldest Chinatown in the world, several Asian Chinatowns, although not yet called by that name, have a long history. Those in Nagasaki, Japan, Binondo in Manila, Hoi An, glodok, the Chinese quarter of Jakarta, Indonesia, dates to 1740. Chinese presence in India dates back to the 5th century AD, a Chinatown first appeared in the Indian city of Calcutta and subsequently in Mumbai and Chennai. The first Chinese settler in Calcutta was Young Atchew around 1780, the Chinatown centered on Yaowarat Road in Bangkok, Thailand, was founded at the same time as the city itself, in 1782. Many Chinese immigrants arrived in Liverpool in the late 1850s in the employ of the Blue Funnel Shipping Line, the commercial shipping line created strong trade links between the cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Liverpool, mainly in the importation of silk, cotton and tea.
31. River Valley, Singapore – River Valley is a planning area located within the Central Area of the Central Region of Singapore. The planning area shares boundaries with Orchard in the north, Museum in the east, Tanglin in the west, in the 1840s, there were two River Valley roads that ran on either side of the Singapore River. The Singapore River was seen as a valley between Fort Canning Hill, to the side of the river, and Pearls Hill. The roads on either bank of the Singapore River were named River Valley Road — the current River Valley Road, both these River Valley roads were present in John Turnbull Thomsons 1844 map. One of the first residents to move into the River Valley district was Dr Thomas Oxley, in 1827, he bought land here from the East India Company and established Killiney Estate as a nutmeg plantation. He had Killiney House built as his residence, the road nearby was named Oxley Road after the surgeon. When the plantation closed, he sold the land in several lots, River Valley Road was once part of Dr Oxleys estate before being divided up in the 1860s. Killiney House was a villa built on land behind the eventual site of the Chesed-El Synagogue. This house was bought by Manasseh Meyer who renamed it Belle Vue. River Valley was especially popular with the Straits Chinese who also built villas in the area, among the wealthy who had homes here was Tan Jiak Kim, the grandson of Tan Kim Seng, who built himself a mansion in the 1860s and named it Panglima Prang. He also paid for the construction of the road came to be named after him — Kim Seng Road. Another wealthy merchant who lived in the area was Lee Cheng Yan, the road Cheng Yan Place is named after him. Most of the big mansions along River Valley have since been demolished, the one surviving villa is the traditional Chinese house built by a wealthy merchant, Tan Yeok Nee, in 1885. This house, House of Tan Yeok Nee, is now a national monument. Kal alei, meaning stone crusher, is the name given by the Tamils to River Valley Road, from the steam crusher which was kept at the corner of Tank Road. The Chinese have two other interpretations — ong ke sua kha in Hokkien, meaning foot of Fort Canning Hill, or leng thau che, the latter interpretation could refer to the spring on the hill and the waterfall from it. The ice works belonged to Hoo Ah Kay, which were demolished in 1981, the residential areas within River Valley consist mainly of private property for the middle and high income sections of the population. River Valley is also a popular eating spot for Singaporeans, a famous local eating place here is a Hainanese chicken rice shop named Boon Tong Kee.

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