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Prostitution in Singapore.
1. Karayuki-san – Many of the women who went overseas to work as karayuki-san were the daughters of poor farming or fishing families. The mediators would then make money by passing the girls on to people in the prostitution industry, with the money the mediators received, some would go on to set up their own overseas brothels. The end of the Meiji period was the age for karayuki-san. However the reality was that many courtesans led sad and lonely lives in exile and often died young from diseases, neglect. With the greater influence of Japan as it became a Great Power, things began to change. During the 1910s and 1920s, Japanese officials overseas worked hard to eliminate Japanese brothels and maintain Japanese prestige, many karayuki-san returned to Japan, but some remained. After the Pacific War, the topic of karayuki-san was a known fact of Japans pre-war underbelly. But in 1972 Tomoko Yamazaki published Sandakan Brothel No.8 which raised awareness of karayuki-san and encouraged further research, the main destinations of karayuki-san included China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra, Thailand, Indonesia, and the western USA. They were often sent to Western colonies in Asia where there was a demand from Western military personnel. There were cases of Japanese women being sent to places as far as Siberia, Manchuria, Hawaii, North America, in Karachi and Bombay there were Japanese prostitutes to be found. Japanese prostitutes role in the expansion of Meiji Japans imperialism has been examined in academic studies, in the Russian Far East, east of Lake Baikal, Japanese prostitutes and merchants made up the majority of the Japanese community in the region after the 1860s. Certain missions and intelligence gathering were performed around Vladivostok and Irkutsk by Japanese prostitutes, the Sino-French War led to French soldiers creating a market for karayuki-san Japanese women prostitutes, eventually prostitutes made up the bulk of Indochinas Japanese population by 1908. Since the Japanese viewed non-westerners as inferior, the karayuki-san Japanese women felt humiliated since they mainly sexually served Chinese men or native Southeast Asians, Borneo natives, Malaysians, Chinese, Japanese, French, American, British and men from every race utilized the Japanese prostitutes of Sandakan. The nine Japanese managed brothels of Sandakan made up the bulk of brothels in Sandakan, two Japanese brothels were located in Kuudatsu while no Chinese brothels were to be found there. There was hearsay that a Chinese man married the sister of Yamashita Tatsuno. During the American period, Japanese economic ties to the Philippines expanded tremendously, economic investment was accompanied by large-scale immigration of Japanese to the Philippines, mainly merchants, gardeners and prostitutes. Japanese immigrants Davao in Mindanao, had over 20,000 ethnic Japanese residents, between ca.1872 and 1940 large numbers of Japanese prostitutes worked in brothels of the Dutch East Indies archipelago. H. Port towns experienced benefits to their economies by the presence of Japanese brothels, sato said that the women were living a shameful life to the disgrace of their countrymen.
2. Caning in Singapore – Caning is a widely used form of legal corporal punishment in Singapore. It can be divided into several contexts, judicial, prison, reformatory, military, school and these practices of caning are largely a legacy of, and are influenced by, British colonial rule in Singapore. Similar forms of punishment are also used in some other former British colonies. Of these, judicial caning, for which Singapore is best known, is the most severe. It is reserved for male convicts under the age of 50, for a range of offences under the Criminal Procedure Code. Caning is also a form of punishment for delinquent servicemen in the Singapore Armed Forces and is conducted in the SAF Detention Barracks. Caning is also used as a punishment in reform schools. In a milder form, caning is used to punish male students in primary and secondary schools for serious misbehaviour, the government encourages this but does not allow caning for female students, who instead receive alternative forms of punishment such as detention. A much smaller cane or other implement is used by some parents to punish their children for misbehaving. This is allowed in Singapore but not encouraged by the government, however, the government mentioned that it considers the judicious application of corporal punishment in the best interest of the child. Caning, as a form of legally sanctioned corporal punishment for convicted criminals, was first introduced to Malaya and it was formally codified under the Straits Settlements Penal Code Ordinance IV in 1871. In that era, offences punishable by caning were similar to those punishable by birching or flogging in England, Caning remained on the statute book after Malaya declared independence from Britain in 1957, and after Singapore ceased to be part of Malaysia in 1965. Subsequent legislation has passed by the Parliament of Singapore over the years to increase the minimum strokes an offender receives. Sections 325–332 of the Criminal Procedure Code lay down the procedures governing caning and they include the following, A male offender between the ages of 18 and 50 who has been certified to be in a fit state of health by a medical officer is liable to be caned. The offender shall receive no more than 24 strokes of the cane on any one occasion, irrespective of the total number of offences committed. In other words, a man cannot be sentenced to more than 24 strokes of the cane in a single trial, if the offender is under 18, he may receive up to 10 strokes of the cane, but a lighter cane will be used in this case. Boys under 16 may be sentenced to caning only by the High Court, an offender sentenced to death shall not be caned. The rattan cane used shall not exceed 1.27 cm in diameter, any male convict, whether sentenced to caning or not, may also be caned in prison if he commits certain offences while serving time in prison.

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